March Newsletter

Tires got you flat?

Last month and the beginning of this month has been an epidemic of flat tires. Carmergency, LLC must have repaired, replaced and changed a dozen tires. A few of those flats we ran across accidentally while on the road, and a few others were calls that we received were referrals from our existing customer base, friends and family.
Its important to note that tires despite their sturdy appearance, tires do not last forever. They do have a very strong rubber as a cushion, however are not infallible. They break down, lose traction go flat, and Ka-Boom Carmergency!
Tires are one of the cars most important safety factors of your car. They are the only item of the car that has contact with the road. The best engine, best anti-locking braking system and expert steering can not protect someone against worn, underinflated or road in-appropriate tires. Most drivers don’t know enough about tires to make an educated purchase, and often their choice of tires comes down to availability and price. Other tire consumers base their decision on reputation and appearance.
5 Tips that will tell if your tires are going bad:
1) Depth of tread. Use the Penny test. No not Penny from the Big Bang Theory, but rather a change penny. Insert it into the tread. If you can see Lincolns head, then it’s time to see your mechanic about changing those tires.
2) Indicator bar wears. These show up if your tire is getting worn. If your tire is new, they are very light and don’t usually show.
3) Cracks in the side wall of your tire can indicate a serious problem. This could be a sign that your tire is about to get a flat, or maybe even blow out.
4) Bulges, or blisters on the sidewall. This happens when the outer surface of the tire begins to weaken. In short, it’s a tire aneurism. Pretty serious condition for tires, and can be pretty serious condition if someone drives a car with these tire conditions. Best to have this looked at right away.
5) Too much vibration. Mis-aligned or unbalanced tires can cause this and is a pretty serious condition .
These are just recommendations for you to determine if you need a tire check-up . Carmergency can come to you to determine if your tires are safe to drive. Give us a call for further information.
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