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Spring Cleaning the Car
Spring is just around the corner, and while most of us usually clean the house for the spring, it’s a good time to consider cleaning out the automobile for the spring too. You may get lucky and find a few dollars of spare change hanging around in the seats, or maybe even an important paper that may have slipped thru the cracks. At any rate, it’s time to think about your car, and maintaining it so that it may continue to run for the next few years.
It is important to note, now would be a good time to check the levels of the fluids in your car. Starting with the oil. Oil is perhaps the most important fluid in your car. It keeps the high friction parts from over-heating and getting chaffed. I am sure that there are some other high-friction body parts that sometimes need lubricant… but when the car doesn’t get its proper lubricant, it will cease to function. Last week, there was a lovely couple stranded up the street. Initial checking of their oil revealed that there was basically none in their car. When we finally got the car running, we noticed that the couple had thrown a rod. Pretty costly mistake that could have easily been avoided had someone periodically checked the oil level.
Other fluids that are a good idea to be checked is the coolant. There are so many times, when we go on a run and find that the only problem is that the level of coolant is low. Possible causes of this are a leak in the coolant line, or a leak somewhere between the coolant system and the engine. Checking the levels of coolant periodically, could save you a bunch of money because a faulty coolant system can damage a car almost as much as having no oil.
Washer fluid levels. Spring is coming and we want to be able to see out of our front windshield while driving. Often deposits on the windshield can get smeared and make visibility low, especially if you have no washer fluid, and there is only a sprinkle of rain. Be sure to inspect your washer fluid levels if you want to be able to see.
If you are unwilling or unable to check these for yourself, Carmergency, LLC can come do this service for you. In fact, we can schedule regular maintenance on issues of your car, and recommend any service you may need now or in the future to keep your car running properly throughout the year. From the comfort of your home we can do all of this for you and more. Call us for your mobile automotive needs.
We accept Cash, Checks, Credit Cards and Debit Cards. Guaranteed to beat the local shops prices.

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